Diamir ‘Atrophy’ : Grate at your core, cleansing and devouring. Discover the sound, once again.


‘Atrophy’ is the follow up to our debut single ‘Behind The Facade’. The track is a complete 180 from the hard hitting, rockabilly-esque stylings present in our debut release and lands firmly into the realms between gothic rock and progressive-metal, reminiscent of bands such as Katatonia.

Diamir is a rock band with a progressive edge from Northern Ireland, UK. Formed in mid-late 2018, Diamir was the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of sporadic behind-the-scenes writing/composing from guitarist and keyboardist John Wilson. Alongside John are his brother David on drums, Ashley Irwin on bass and Peter Devenney on vocals and keyboards.

Their debut single ‘Behind The Facade’ was considered by the Irish music website Chordblossom as “one of the finest progressive rock and metal songs to come out of Northern Ireland; ever”. The song was also featured on the BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson within the first month of it’s release, airing to a UK national audience on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Repression has no place in ‘Atrophy’. As the fulfilling hard-rock vocals grace your halo for greatness, Diamir’s effervescent and contrasting prog instrumentals, grate at your core, cleansing and devouring.


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