Diamir ‘Behind The Facade’ : The crossroads of sub-genres to give thumping good fun.


Aggressive and dramatic. Rousing and rockin’. The quartet Diamir, brings hard rock edges into an indie-rock varnish that is delicious to hear and admire. Not since the kind of energy and excitement that bands like early Queens Of The Stone Age, MUSE or Fall Out Boy demonstrated, Diamir comes at us with a merger of crossroads in sub-genres to give thumping good fun, in ‘Behind The Facade’.

Consisting of Peter Devenney (Lead and backing vocals), John Wilson (Guitars, keyboards and additional backing vocals), Ashley Irwin (Bass guitar) and David Wilson (Drums and percussion), the band from Northern Ireland tackles you head on and wants to play, even more.

Your bruised hind quarters, show off the black and blue, with pride and joy, as the gritty single passes you by like a roaring train. ‘Behind The Facade’ pushes the foundation of the song into big heights, as the four musicians put a show.

Look for much more from this great beginnings.


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