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Dick Stusso – ‘Modern Music’ (Lyric Video)

Modern Music is Dick Stusso’s hail to ‘go with the flow’ kind of attitude – doing his best – to speak for the ones Doing His Best. It’s a show. It’s a possible story of a wreck – we can’t stop listening to.

“Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.”

We don’t know how the rest of the album is like, because we don’t have access to it, but from what we have heard from his past release of ‘Dick Stusso ‎– Nashville Dreams / Sings The Blues’, we’re convinced this current work will be more than enough fabulousness. He goes with the flow just like ‘Modern Music’ describes. And just like how his musical publications have shown, he doesn’t care – but for the music he cares about.

Which is the ‘act of evolving’ and the ‘act of planting new musical conversation’ which he thinks should be heard.

The departure is wide from his 2015 release vs. the 2018 album.

And that’s alright.

For it’s always more entertaining when new ‘voices’ clang into the group discussion that was happening at the corner of the black tie party.

We’re looking forward to Stusso’s new release.

‘In Heaven’ the album drops March 2, 2018.

Pre-order here at Hardley Art.



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