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DIDIRRI Announces New EP ‘Measurements’ Out July 6. New Single ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’.

Didirri announced that he’s about to drop his debut EP ‘Measurements’ on July 6. And to celebrate, the new single ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’, a celebration in itself of what impact such kind of passions can envelope our every being.

It can happen.

And it does.

Several times in our lifetimes, we feel that woozy head rush from that unforgettable kiss. Another time, we felt that ‘feeling’ up on the upper back, stopping us our breathing short. And sometime, in that span of time, we fell and OUT of love – both bagged with much passion of hither and there.

It can happen.

And often does.

Without personal and individual politics, love and passion is delectable and straight forward.

But we don’t live in that kind of life. The world we live in isn’t just ‘straight forward’.

Sometimes it does happen, where all those ‘politics’ fall away and seems not to be a factor.

Let’s welcome that time, that moment – if we recognize it – for what it is.

Love her. Let him love you.

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