Died ‘Oja de Macao’ : “Unhinged romantic trapped in their own head”. Intrigue ensues.


“Writing ‘Oja de Macao’ was our attempt at crushing the frustration, anger, and depression that defined our lives during the era of our previous EP, ‘Anonymized Internal Criminals’,” the band said. Hard edged and scatted into focus, the band nudges notions into pulp beating madness in this single.

Mixed and mastered by legendary engineer Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Unwound, Nirvana), Less Life (album drops May 29th) is the most updated version of Died’s uncanny ability to meld genres together while still crafting memorable and meaningful songs. The writing on Less Life is an amalgamation of over four years of work matched with updated production that resembles early records from key alternative bands like Slint and Unwound.

“Guess we thought making less soul-crushing music would in turn make us less unhappy people,” continued the band. “The lyrics tell the story of an unhinged romantic trapped in their own head— the (untranslatable) song title itself is as puzzling as the failed relationship that actually led to this song’s creation. So while this song certainly has an energy to it we had never unlocked before, the dismal lyrics and intricate guitar work are still undeniably Died, with the same complexities and same frustrated attitude.”

After releasing ‘Less Life’, the band plans to tour the US for the first time before the end of 2020. Formed 3 years ago while studying at NYU, Ian, Alex, Caio, and Matt have released two EPs under the Died moniker, and they’re loving it.

They hope you do too.

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