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dielines Shares ‘Chasing Rabbits’. “A song to get lost in.”

dielines is a Silver Lake, CA based band lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Daniel Berkman along with longtime creative collaborator Trevor O’Neill (guitar/vocals).

Delicate assumptions are woven into tapestries of stories, interconnected by the intergalactic lights, shimmering and thrusting; pulsing and beckoning. The tentacles of life is grated into a pan of relevance through the vaporous strings and outstanding drums. ‘Chasing Rabbits’ is a harmonic decadence of pre-eminent experimentation – rounded by our visions for what will become.

Each texture, delegated with a responsibility to entice with a gentle touch, are bound in the Universality of its existence. Radical premonitions, galvanize to a radiated boil – heated in passion and calmed by the waters of the understanding.

A song to get lost in, wouldn’t you say?

See dielines @ The Hi Hat on September 21st in Los Angeles.



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