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The Dig – People Take Pictures of Each Other

The Dig’s People Take Pictures Of Each Other just ribs us to death. In the tradition of Bowie, 10,000Maniacs, etc, this song is just so good. We dig, The Dig. We mean, the absorption of the hyperbolic rhetoric, proves just how cool one distinct social action could be.

And funny.

Societal actions to reactions, are funny. And whether this song is a direct commentary to that societal action, won’t be knowable.

And we like it this way – it’s form is nuance, we take it for what it is. Tactile advance, in the effort to know human beings – most of the time is a fail.

We go on, however. The conversation is necessary. The talk is not (sometimes) for just talk sake. But it’s a part of the human condition (maybe of all nature), which binds, separates, coagulates, and sometimes/most of the time lubricates the effort.

The funny part is that no matter the generation, or decade, we keep on doing it. For the sake of it. And drinking Sake to drown it down our throats.

Well, maybe the Sake part is only for us here at CHF.

Oh, pairing Sake with food that is rich (i.e. gourmet pizza, steak, etc), along with some contrasting fruits & veges are always cool.

We have a cool fave in The Dig.

As we’d mentioned, we dig, The Dig.



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