Dinah ‘Midnight Train’ : Awe. Diversity. Inspiration. Own destiny.


Midnight Train’ describes the microcosm of a subway train in a city, like Berlin, where a diversity of people from all over the world meet to spread out and find new inspiration for their lives and art. Each of them as the director of their own story. First in isolation, then trying to connect to find some soulmates to share this intense experience and the speed of the city. The night allows to enter a new dimension where the lines between reality and fantasy get blurry.

Said Dinah of the song: “‘Midnight Train’ is my homage to Berlin, where I moved to more than 6 years ago. This city gave me so much inspiration & showed me new ways to be creative dream bigger but also showed me the dark side of anonymity and solitude. It’s a wonderful, scary and challenging train ride but is definitely worth it and I feel it’s taking speed to something I always dreamt of.”

The video reflects these levels in different layers, the intensity and vortex of the big city, the searching for like-minded people and the plunging into a new world of awareness.


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