Dirty Bird ‘Spirit Drifter’ : Unforeseen futures – comes a delightful chant of charms and warmth.

Dirty Bird

Like birds from the gray thickets of woods and yet, unforeseen futures – comes a delightful chant of charms and warmth in ‘Spirit Drifter’.

Psyche and classic rock in its longing, the New York City band invites you with open arms and effervescent smiles of sonic predicaments.

Consists of Christie Belanger, Melissa Escudero, Natasha Thweatt, Nick Katz, John Crisan, Eli Greenhoe and Blake Suben, a tender sounds impact with shatteringly familiar and welcomed expectations.

Since forming, the band has presented powerful performances to venues including Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Mass MoCa and Radio Bean, and the Northside Music Festival.

Dirty Bird brings both new and long-devoted audiences intimate, poetic lyrics charged by three-part harmony and lively, distinctive arrangements. Soulful, harmonious, and ever-evolving, Dirty Bird’s music redefines what it means to be a folk band.

A mega band, in all of its heartful offering, ‘Spririt Drifter’ loves you, like you’d like to be.

Embraced, to be.

Realities, clashing in bemoaning steps of hopeful diligence – you carve into the carcass of life.

Let’s be. As we’d always wanted to be.


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