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Dirty Dirty Shares ‘Emotional Whatever Things’. A “Threat of being consumed by a feeling”. Word.

Heavy fuzz guitars, grunge-punk all up and down, and vocals that kicks your teeth just for fun, the addictive and raucous sounds of DIRTY DIRTY is here to stay, and you can’t say nothing about it.

It’s the sound that makes you go “Oh yea. That’s how it was.” Then you smash your eye glasses to bits, as you mosh to tunes that frees your deeply hidden needs for something cool.

And that’s where Dirty Dirty lies, and belittles your giant cup of icy-slushy.

The aggressive rants of their music beats the heck out of your senses, and raises you to another level of rock-dom.

“‘Emotional Whatever Things’ comes from feeling the threat of being consumed by a feeling —the kind of feeling that grows when it’s neglected,” stated DIRTY DIRTY. “What a better way to show that then to get our wacky friends to run up a flight of stairs and scream in our face. It’s probably a cry for help in a barely symbolic way.”

As we all in the human world, await the release of DIRTY DIRTY’s 2nd EP, we put fingers on our chins and ponder: “What should we do in the time rolling up to that new EP?”

Well, listen to ‘Emotional Whatever Things’, you dummy!

“Oh yea. That makes sense.”

We’re dumb. But we sure know what we like in a band, don’t you think!

DIRTY DIRTY is from Seattle, and you know what Seattle’s known for: Coffee and Grunge. Perfect together.

The band consists of duo Ian Forrester and Drew Shreve.



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