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Dirty Rugs Shares Debut Single ‘Glimpse’. Tour Begins Late August, Up And Down The West Coast.

We closed our eyes and listened a bit to the new project DIRTY RUGS’ first single ‘Glimpse’. We stayed quiet. We absorbed it. We blinked a bit. Then concentrated once more. And at the corner of our heads we said, “Eureka”. Why? Don’t know. But probably had to do with the weird and wonderful reminiscence to some fab Scandinavian bands of the early 2000’s.

Because, you know, we love styles of music from bands like the DIRTY RUGS, and it’s even better when we, vicariously, live through a song like ‘Glimpse’ in enjoying the memories of the rhythms and rock outputs of the past.

But DIRTY RUGS are not the past. They are the future. The future of redeeming alcoholic guitar spitting, with constant drumming of the squelching dry heat of the Seattle landscape, and bathing of lyrical obscurity, coming to life at the right point of this minute – this second – this nano second.

Divid it with some math, and you get this fabulous beginnings of a fun project.

DIRTY RUGS was started with Cody Plaiss, Cody DeCant, Josh and Ben Phelps.

In late August, the band will start their tour in support of their first debut EP.



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