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Dirty Sound Magnet // Lukka // Charlene Soraia // Marble Arch // KOATES

Dirty Sound Magnet – Social Media Boy

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET is a Swiss band which has a hold on our psyche. With prog-rock / 70’s hip aggression with lubricated bass lines and driving drums, the lyrics of ‘Social Media Boy’ takes you back to what you’ve been wondering about for a long time. YOU ARE THAT ‘BOY’, and you ain’t totally not liking it. After all, when a band like DSM talks about your shortcomings and coming of age ceremonies, it’s not such a bad thing. Also, you’re rocking out on this single, and that makes it even better. DSM will forgive you. No worries.

Lukka – Life’s like on TV

‘Brilliantly exciting’ is what LUKKA’s latest single ‘Life’s Like On TV’ means to us. With classic blues guitar solos to pillar the atmosphere, and framed by the constancy of the rolling drums, this single modifies the eclectic, perpatrating the unknown notions of the heart, channeling it towards the stars. LUKKA does her damndest to blur the lines of rock and alt. She does this with the effervescence that you can’t deny your soul.

Charlene Soraia – Now You Are With Her

“I had spent a long hiatus with little human contact, zero trust, and not much experience of human kindness, so I suppose looking back, I had merely mistook someone’s kindness for something more meaningful,” Charlene says of the song. And like a gentle touch between lovers during a silent moment of solace and confidence, the unspoken communication of love and affection, deepens. ‘Now You Are With Her’ is that triumph in strength to go on, even though everything hurts. It’s that ‘gentle touch’ to get you through the day.

Marble Arch – I’m on my way

“In his adolescent bedroom, Yann Le Razavet, as known as Marble Arch, made a sensitive and delicate pop and rough melancholy.” In 2014, Yann published his first record ‘The Bloom Of Division’ – ten tracks, DIY, shoegaze. It’s now 2018, off of MARBLE ARCH’s new upcoming LP ‘Children of the slump’ (Early 2019), he demonstrates the same indomitable excellence in capturing far off memories, and making them soluble to the masses. All the thoughts of young crushes, come flooding back with whim. Belle.

KOATES – The Right Place Video

“‘The Right Place’ is based on a relationship turning toxic,” KOATES said. “One day you can experience total happiness and euphoria, the next you hit rock bottom. That constant Ping-Pong effect: fight, make up sex, fight, make up sex, is what inspired the song. Just hoping that the toxicity would disappear and you could be in good place.” But not at the moment, not now. For there are many things in a relationship that needs to be dealt. Sometimes they don’t, and we fail. KOATES’ single tell of a tale, in a lifetime and it’s scrumptious.


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