Disaster Kid ‘If I Lose Me’ : Starts with you, don’t it?

Disaster Kid

Empower is a word to describe the wholesome and exciting vibes of Disaster Kid’s single ‘If I Lose Me’.

Based in Chicago Seamus Kreitzer, with Connor Criswell and Mason Stahl, deliver a beautiful indie experience in this nostalgic and honest tribute to an emotion that, in all honesty, clings to our human base cortex and confounds.

But we do it the best we can, don’t we?

If things remain the same, life wouldn’t be. It’s then just a city scene in a diorama, driving through class, in a shoe box. Never really dynamic and fertile in describing the richness of it life, there wouldn’t be any hurt to go with the victories to embrace.

Disaster Kid’s ominous, but unalterable effervescence, conjure deep feelings of happiness – even at the level of the opposite.

Empowerment is in what’s in front of you. Or in this case, recognizing what you have, in the nick of time.

Starts with you, don’t it?

Disaster Kid’s album ‘Gutterball’ is available now.


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