DISCHAAAGEEE ‘Seven to High’ : Gets under your skin. Can’t scrub it off. Hurts so good.


You can’t look away. DISCHAAAGEEE’s single ‘Seven to High’ is so majestically funky and grotesquely tight, it’s that Aston Martin you’d dreamed of for so many year, now, churning and firing on all cylinders right in front of your dreaming mind.

Contrasts of work is what DISCHAAAGEEE from Japan is all about. Yes, his music is outrageous and over the top, but yet, it’s as solid and ‘perfect’ as it is. It’s like seeing an animal or a new species in the wild, and as you hold it in your hands, you think to yourself “this kind of thing shouldn’t exist”.

Yet it does.

With charming gist of funky disco embossed instrumentals that reminds you of such acts as CSS, RATATAT, or Bonde Do Role, but with a layer of what only DISCHAAAGEEE can bring vocally, the prodigiously fun and hooky alt-prog pop ensemble of ‘Seven to High’ is DISCHAAAGEEE’s best yet.

The 24 year old, has something brewing.

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2016年の頃 まだ20歳

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