Discrete ‘Feed Me With Love (ft. Charla K)’ : It’s what your body and mind craves. You just didn’t know it, till now.


‘Feed Me With Love’ returns listeners to the golden era of Swedish house: the kick batters a cushion of syncopation; the synth pluck slaps back. Between Charla K – whom ditches lust in the face of catastrophe with her powerful vocals, and Discrete’s retro-pop algorithm, ‘Feed Me With Love’ is a match made in house music heaven.

The single was created when Charla K and multi-platinum producer Alex Shield finished the first demo in a single evening. Charla K recalled: “We never had to bang our heads to flesh out ‘Feed Me With Love.’ The painless song writing process left us focusing on other projects until we brought NEIMY and Discrete onboard. The four of us secured the song’s irresistible pulse.”

Discussing the track, Discrete explained: “I wanted to project the aesthetic from a decade ago onto contemporary house, so I experimented with some clean synths until I settled on what you hear on the track. Together with the guitars, the track sounds simultaneously like 2010 and 2020.”

It’s what your body and mind craves. You just didn’t know it, till now.


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