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DISH PIT Shares ‘Family Man’. New Debut EP Coming End of 2018. Don’t Drool.

It’s not secret that Montreal has some kick-ass generation of talent growing out of its streets. And DISH PIT is none different. With the aesthetics of a Harley Davidson motorcycle (maybe a Ducati?), screaming down ‘life as a highway’, while you’re naked and howling at the moon, the trio of maverick artist, prop you up for the perfect Fall.

They done you good. Real good.

As you wake up from the dizzying and harrowing dream of being crushed by the static forces of nature – via street concrete – your eyes open to the screaming lyrics of ‘Family Man’. We say ‘screaming lyrics’ because the song itself isn’t sung with blaring scrapes, but is gently hauled over to the side of the curb and you’re offered some cigarettes to chew (not smoke).

You kindly oblige, because DISH PIT said you should.

“Tastes horrible,” you opined.

“Here’s more to chew on. Now open your ears.”

The band is working on their debut EP and we assume, are very excited about it. We would be. Especially if we had the same kind of attitude that the trio brings to the buffet, we’d be over the moon.

Humor? Check.

Sex appeal? Check.

Musical gumption? Check.

Just the beginning? Word.



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