DISH PIT ‘Sold Out’ : Souls undaunted. Never flustered. Always rousing.

Dish Pit

Montreal originating, kick ass trio primos, who ask questions after your emotions have been put into black-and-blue mode. They care about your welfare. They care about your sanity. So shut up and rebel yell.


The band’s 4th single ‘Sold Out’ from their upcoming debut album is livid and exasperating. A countering antecedent, raptured by raw energies and the stylistic fabulousness of Dish Pit. It co-mingles like saliva, just like when you twist and turn your tongue with your best girl. Arousal at the cortex level, never felt so grimy.

But it does. And it feels dang good.

Recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini, it is a mocking “parody of those bands that get a deal and suddenly turn into rock stars.”



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