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Diskopunk // Johnny Kills // Gullet // Ruderals // Cura Cura

Diskopunk – Motherland

Good music is good music. That’s just the end of that conversation. No controversy. No more discussion. And DISKOPUNK plays. You must listen. ‘Motherland’ is that funkadelic indie-pop brand of notes that shames you with love and sexiness that makes you blush. Yes. You’re a man, but you will blush. Through that beard and sun darkened blue collar work ethics, you will blush like your girl who you adore. Why? We told you already!! DISKOPUNK’s song gets you stirred. Stirs your inner funk, to dance with you hidden shimmer. From MUSE like drive, Rolling Stones like antics, cantankerous boom of LCD Soundsystem, and a modern aesthetic that is gloriously nostalgic – the band has it, and it’s rubbing off on your heart. This is good music. Now dance you fool! DISKOPUNK is Swedish and you can’t stop them.

Johnny Kills – I Feel Like

Said Tim of JOHNNY KILLS: “‘I Feel Like’ is about a cynic begrudgingly accepting the fact that love is probably a pretty important part of life.” Back in July of 2018 we’d commented on them as: “It’s what they wanted to make… instead of going with what was needed to cater to a certain percentage of the public.” That’s part of the reason why we’re into the trio from the UK. Consisting of Tim, Cammy, and Louis, the ‘Kills’ gang just knows how to dig up visceral rock chords and meld nicely into a conforming but punk-ish extravaganzas. ‘I Feel Like’ is a perfect example of such goodness that the talented trio brings to the table, as the song kicks up the best traditions of Brit-pop, with surf and a dash of 90’s Swedish indie rock. The combination of dishes are delicious, no matter what angle you come from. The guys have been working hard to get to this point, and looking forward to their debut EP in the Autumn.

Gullet – Ladybird

GULLET is the party that never stops giving. The trio of pals make music out of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and makes life a bit more worth living when listening to their music. With beat treated loop hooks and charming usage of synth and alternative instruments, the 90’s vibe flavored cuteness comes flowing like a tsunami in ‘Ladybird’. The ladies stated that they met through the dating app Tinder and write about a host of characters that includes ‘shitty boyfriends’, ‘quarters and dimes’ and ‘sucky school life’. Simple, resonating, charming, the band creates with a full heart and with no stress about the world. At a macro level, that is. Quite the offering, we’d say.

Ruderals – Tired and Alone

‘Tired And Alone’ is the perfect remedy to your frustrations. Nothing else to say? Nothing’s coming out of your mouth in words that makes sense? You’re out of Diet Pepsi at your desk? RUDERALS is a fab surf-rock vibin’ band from the Big Apple (NYC) and they know how you feel. ‘Tired And Alone’ is the first of a series of 3 concept EPs that debuted recently. The song is a mix of many styles, that really tackles the basics in love and loss. As mentioned, if nothing’s coming out of your mouth, as words, RUDERALS single have you covered. If we are in the same boat, let’s dance our night away! Let’s bop!

Cura Cura – Baby Still

Patrick Surdam stated: “In these songs I am saying “This is my broken heart, this is my longing, this is my confusion, this is my anger, this is my sadness. Being fearless in this type of exposure as an artist, was the most healing thing I could think to do; just put it out there, reveal it.” The lovely sentiments waft through the room when ‘Baby Still’ is being played. The quartet consisting of Patrick Surdam, Sam McGarrity, Maryn Azoff, and Elea Wilder takes folk and fuses with classic pop-ballad fabulousness in this single. The lovely exaltation comes through the beautiful lyrics to the beautiful solo of the fiddle. The package sings in love and emotions, as it keeps on pointing the way. Their debut record ‘What Led Me To You’ is available now.


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