Disorder ‘As You Were’ : Angular energies. Sounds collapsing into oneness with nothingness.


Disorder is an alternative rock vehicle from London, UK. Darkness, light, electronics and organic sounds collapsing into oneness with nothingness.

“This record, is the hardest record I have ever written and despite always thinking that music should stand on its own and not require any explanations I feel with this release I need to provide a few words of such.”

“On this record I name that evil, in myself. I was raised by my parents to love and respect every being I encounter in my life, but it was only later in life that I realized that it is not enough, never was. With time, I have slowly started to realize the subtleties of bias and racism that were imposed onto me by society we’re living in.”

“This record is me coming to terms with history, lies and social conditioning that I’ve been exposed to my whole life. This record is about privilege, inequality and oppression. This record is also about mercy and love that are out there and always have been. And if we can make ourselves worthy of those, then maybe, just maybe, there is a society at the end of this, that has been a dream of many that came before. A society in which we ‘will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood’ having a clear sense of conscientiousness.”

The empowering guitar riffs, with angular energies, combine in this decadent of songs to pull your inner best from under the bed.

EP ‘White Silence’ is out now.


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