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Distant Tide – Looking Up

Daniel Griffith is DISTANT TIDE, and the classic garage/grunge psyche-rock project exposes even more of the good innards through single ‘Looking Up’. A combination of many comparisons, but the song brings solace and its own type of resolution through its calm but dextrous demeanor. A very new project, Daniel finds his personal space out into the world to share in managing the stresses of the world. Daniel said: “I’m a musician out of LA, where I started this Distant Tide project back in April. I wrote this song about finding peace of mind from life’s stresses and anxiety by spending time outside in nature and sunshine.” Not much history yet from this solo project, but we kinda feel we’ll hear more and more from Daniel’s heart.

Young Guv – Try Not To Hang On So Hard

Ben Cook, guitarist for Toronto art-punks band F*cked Up, has this thing called YOUNG GUV doing its thing. And when you listen it’s that nostalgic vibe that doesn’t quit. And when it pulls you in, into its vein of gold crusted rhythms and expansive Brit-pop-like froth, you realize that it’s too late. Too late to back away. Too late to un-listen. Too late not to dig. Ben’s airy guitar works, combined with a tremendous dedication to the traditional love lyrics, the umbrella in good-times is guaranteed. Imagine a live set with this song, on a Friday night? Good times indeed. Fuzzy pop-rock is within reach with this Brooklyn based offering.

Pyramid Thieves – Shaking

You might not agree, but we think PYRAMID THIEVES’ single ‘Shaking’ is a beautiful song. The arrangement, to the elements, to the lyrics – all converge at the edge of the synth frame of loneliness. The artful pop-rock charm of the song brings out memories of your personal past, as it coaxes with delicate fingers of lust and comfort. ‘Shaking’ is off of their debut album ‘Century Fader’ and continues the uniqueness the quartet made up of Joey Sawyer, Josh Cornell, Nick Maloney, and Chris Bouchard, to the fore. ‘Shaking’ is a song that should be part of that indie-movie of your dreams. It’s a glance of emotions that sticks with velcro and demonstrates the vision of the band’s songwriting acumen.

Parade – Colours

It’s not saccharine. It’s just fabulous arrangement. Listen to it. Listen to PARADE’s lyrics in front of the delicate presentation in the shimmering guitars (along with notes that hook you in), quivering word delivery by the vocalist (denoting vast amounts of passion and desire), and lyrics that just fits like a puzzle piece (brightening with every step). The synth make up represents a beautifully constructed and purposeful experience. Eighties and nineties pop visions, explode out of this offering, and it’s fabulous. The Coventry UK based band is made up of Paul Watters, Phil Morley, Tomas Ruby Goodwin, Sam Stokes, and Max Wilson. It’s not saccharine. It’s decadently vibrant.

Childmind – Glow

“Psych rock meets dark Motown”. SO TRUE. That’s where CHILDMIND – a project of Hannes Glans – comes and sits and delivers with that beautiful attitude to the hilt. When you say it defies genres, a single like ‘Glow’ definitively defies and radiates, at the same time. Off of the upcoming debut album (September 25th), ‘Glow’ signals a gala of fabulous interpretations on how music could be, with the ever present, and welcomed, fervor of rebellion and unorthodoxy. If you know King Gizzard, or Frank Zappa, the appreciation for CHILDMIND will be crystal. Bringing forth a new layer of approximation in vibes, CHILDMIND, hints with a battering ram for your senses. Sneak attack, for sure.

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