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Distractor Shares New Single ‘Orbital’. The Fun Sh*t Continues On Their Journey Through The Stars.

Distractor comes at us with their latest single deliciousness, ‘Orbital’. They want to ask you what ‘Space’ is like and have their own opinion, but doesn’t want to be rude and overlap with your own suppositions. Just because the ‘gods’ of the Universe, don’t like party favors.

It’s been a while since we’d reviewed their past single ‘Best Bug’ (Aug. 2017). And we’re glad their single ‘Orbital’ is as ‘calm’ and ‘under-stated’ as their past songs.

NOT (a la 90’s)!

‘Orbital’ is exactly what the gang in Distractor is all about in music, and we dang say ‘Hurraha, with golf claps’, all day!

“It’s in line with the weirdness we love (a la 10,000 Maniacs, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, etc). We’re not ashamed to confess, that we at CHF want to be unique like these guys. But unfortunately we’re not built that way.”

We always gravitate to them quickly, as you probably will.

Anywho, the gang at Distractor is fab. It’s fun s*it. We love this song for its whimsy and drama, albeit, very short.

They’re distributed by Burger Records.



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