Diverock ‘A Second Place’ : Pessimism has no place here.


‘A Second Place’ is a story about exploration. Feelings of abandonment and loneliness in a relationship are tangled up in a campy sci-fi narrative. Two astronauts leave their home on a perilous expedition into the unknown. The second place is that glorious yet distant next thing in our lives. Getting there requires bravery, patience, love, and sacrifice.

Adjunct piroits and monsterous understatements, embark on that pop assumption in this single. It pervays through conviction, and 80’s chiming keyboard extravagance. It surely tickles your fancy, as the Hall & Oats-like vibes, meld with the darkened black & blue of Diverock. Pessimism has no place here.

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back in the studio crushing some mac

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