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Divining Rod Shares ‘Darling Down The Row’.

Inspiring. Confident. Crystal. These are adjectives we think of when listening to DIVINING ROD’s single ‘Darling Down The Row’. It is Americana that is needed in your life, right now – during work – during your hard times – your times.

Take your time.

Take that time.

Use it.

Absorb it.

Dedicate to it.

Make it yours.

Miyuki Furtado is the singer/songwriter for the NYC based band, and his vocals is the definition of strength of the band. And it is the pillar for what we as listeners can compel ourselves to identify into this world, of worlds.

‘Darling Down The Row’ is the band’s new single from the upcoming LP ‘Return To Crystal Cove’ – where it chronicles “a month’s worth of bedside conversation between Miyuki and his father, who battled cancer before becoming unresponsive, slipping into a coma, and passing away.”

“You remember the small, seemingly insignificant things,” says Furtado, “like the way the sun felt when you were 11 years old at the beach, or someone smoking a cigarette and the memories you conjure up smelling it. You remember the way you feel when someone breathes on your neck or runs their fingers through your hair. It’s those little moments that make up life.”

The live line up of Divining Rod consists of: Patrick Harmon (Guitar, backing vocals), John Malone (Drums), Mike Malone (Bass) and Eric Kaye (Mandolin).



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