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DJ Chillz // Madison Beer // Lucky Rose // ADAKA // The Kemist

DJ Chillz – Spoil Me With Loyalty

It’s more than the Afrobeats incorporated into how DJ CHILLZ presents her wears. It’s more than her vocal extravaganza she demonstrates on her single ‘Spoil Me With Loyalty’. The over-arching fascination is underlined by the rapturous combination of sensibilities that is addicting and glamorous. It’s about the addiction. Turn off the sound while listening to ‘Spoil Me With Loyalty’, you get the chills from with-drawl. Turn it back on. Turn your life back on. Turn to DJ CHILLZ. Feels so good.

Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell ft. Offset

“I was inspired by witchcraft and felt that it perfectly fit with the theme of the song, which is about teaching someone a lesson,” said MADISON BEER about the single. But when you listen to the lyrics, it’s not purely about total revenge. It’s about knowing yourself, as well, where the prognostications of life is delineated for the kind of dis-loyalty that exists. “I’m so happy Offset was involved in this project and was able to bring such an incredible energy to the video.” Oh yea. Fun stuff.

Lucky Rose – Lost ft Jordan Hart

“The song talks about how our generation who don’t want to be stuck in the same 9 to 5 lifestyle as our parents. We really wanted to bring out the emotion of the lyrics and that feeling of wanting to stop everything you are doing just to be with someone.” Fortunately or not, we all feel this way. It’s not about not wanting to be in that kind of relationship with the working world, but it’s more positive, in that your urge to ‘explore’ and ‘seeking’ something different. Generations change, civilization evolves, commerce and lifestyles challenge to reach newer heights. We all should individually, as well.

ADAKA – My Love

Irish duo ADAKA brings the old into the new with ‘My Love’, by launching the Daft Funk-like bass lines seducing like there’s no tomorrow. There’s gold in them hills, as one prospector said. We say, there is in a head bopping perspective, such as this single. Energy pours into the cylinders of that old engine of yours, and you’re now rejuvenated. It’s easy to get into, and you won’t want to leave. Don’t let go.

The Kemist – Body Can’t Lie ft. Nyanda

THE KEMIST released his music video for the single ‘Body Can’t Lie’. And to be honest, it’s sexy as heck. Taking the tried and true formula of a police cop interrogation room scenario, we’re kicked in the head by the unobtrusive viability of it all. All that means is that this is a dang cool video, in its simplicity and directness. Ya dig? Errol ‘Kemar’ Thompson is KEMIST and grew up in Kingston Jamaica (his mother is Marcia Griffiths). The musical family instilled the qualities in how to become an entertainer, and when THE KEMIST releases stuff like this single, we’re always kept on reminded. Word.


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