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Djinn City Shares ‘Reality’. From The First Bar, To The Last.

It’s all about being different, and unique. It is a core direction with us at CHF. It doesn’t matter the genre, but innovation of the music is what we want to hear and write about. Here, we have DJINN CITY and in their single ‘Reality’, from the first bar to the last, the electro pop song gets your arms up and high, reaching to the sky.

Yes. The unreachable sky.

In the song, the duo (Tim Mitronin and Aidar Khusnutdinov) uses “Tatar blowing horn melody with 808s and talk-box” to generate the uniqueness we wanted highlight.

“It was inspired by two real-life stories. One is the recent story of a German family with 10 children who decided to move to a remote Siberian village to avoid sex education lessons (obligatory in Germany). The house they had to live in in Russia had no water and no central heating, and Siberian winters are harsh. And soon they came back to Germany. That’s where the “Reality bites“ hook comes from.” – Aidar

Second story was witnessed by Russian documentary filmmaker Marina Razbezhkina.

“She saw how a young reindeer-breeder drove his whole herd into the bog by mistake. The bog is soft and warm, and poor animals made no attempts to get out of it. Finally, an old experienced breeder saved the deer by blocking their nostrils one by one. It is about many of us. Daily routine sucks us in, and we make no attempts to get out because of the comfort it brings.”

Tim and Aidar are about the banal, and the extraordinary thinking of human beings; the actions they take in this lifetime, seems very much a fascination to the duo.

And we love that. Heck, we dig it, very much.

Have a listen to DJINN CITY.




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