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djogo – Livre

“I had this poem saved on my youtube playlist for a while and I was always wondering what music would go with it. As the poem states “If you don’t have a reason to be free, make one up”, I got my bass and came up with the main riff. Everything else was a play with chords. You know, being free.” Rio de Janeiro and based in Amsterdam, Diogo Santos (djogo), the Brazilian bass player who launched his music producer career in 2017. Imagination and effective methods to combining his experiences with sights and senses he’d yet to come across, his single ‘Livre’ tries its hand at searching for new and more exotic premises. The jam-session groove, certainly jazz, with tinges of the old world, never presents canned responses, and successfully does its best to live up to the promise. Let’s see where else djogo can go.

Horror My Friend – Dopamine Waster

Since bursting through the gates of Australia’s indie scene in 2016, with their seminal debut ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’, the defining sound of Adelaide’s Horror My Friend has become as unmistakeable as their dizzying live show. Sounds of 90’s pioneers Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, comes up with Horror My Friend and bites your nose off, when the growl of trio made of, Josh Battersby, Tom Gordon, and Sam Kolesnik, takes all of you, with no thank you’s or you welcomes. Just a dry but oddly paternalistic anguish of goodness and bad, dancing in a vat of tingling sensation, destined to cleanse you off in style. And boy do they clean you off. ‘Dopamine Waster’ is that exact signal that tells you that ‘you’re home’. That is if your home was flying in the the skies, inside of a tornado. And when you’re in a tornado, there are only 2 options: (1) close your eyes and hope you die quick, or (2) surf like a motherf*cker and enjoy the ride. We would think that most of you would pick number 2. Having already erupted into 2019 with ‘Turned Loose’ their debut tour of the UK/Europe, including dates at Groezrock and The Great Escape along with their recent signing to X-Ray Touring, Horror My Friend is enjoying that ride with ‘Dopamine Waster’. Oh yea.

Good Boy – Ethereal Whooshing

If the point is not the point, then what are we doing at this hotdog stand?? ‘Ethereal Whooshing’ is the next track from Good Boy’s forthcoming debut album due out early next year. Good Boy are crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fueled tunes, that in the tradition of bands like Midnight Oil, Men At Work, and Tears For Fears, keep the light nice and bright about stuff that just are passed by, by contemporaries. Not theses lads, though. They hit with contemptuously delicate issues and the like. Since their debut EP ‘No Love For Back Home’ dropped they’d been on the road, making friends with crowds all over major cities of Australia. They’ve racked up supports with acts like Viet Cong, Homeshake, British India, The John Steel Singers, Jonathan Boulet, Velociraptor, Palms, and Northeast Party House to name just a few. Proudly they continue on with their boisterous riots through music. But don’t let the external veneer fool you. The boys keep it nice and real, with just enough complexity to weigh in with both fists. All in a fun day’s work, eh? Look for their debut full album, early 2020.

Lynne Hanson – True Blue Moon

Swirling love and affection is amplified whenever Lynne Hanson sings her words of wisdom and possibilities. And off of her upcoming new album ‘Just Words’ (set for release February 7, 2020), the prolific and poetic singer/songwriter of stories gazes into our eyes and tells us silently, “Come with me to a far off land…where we all can love the world we live in, once more”. From the jazz and bluegrass of her formative years to the iconic songwriters of her adulthood, music has been Lynne’s way of walking through the world and working through her emotions. “I feel one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given as a songwriter is that I have a place I can put my thoughts and emotions — positive or painful,” she said. “As much as I love a happy, uplifting song, I truly feel that it’s the painful experiences that tend to produce really great art. Pain strips you of all pretense and sense of form, and leaves you with just the raw truth of pure expression in order to free yourself from the burden of carrying it.” Her seventh studio album since 2006, Just Words marks something of an artistic departure for Lynne, who purposely tapped producer Jim Bryson. Join Lynne next @ House Concert in Strathmore, Alberta on November 15.

The Odd Neighbourhood – Spill Your Drink On Me

The indie band from British Columbia Canada, brings adaptability to their whims and coaxes sad but optimistic vibes to the fore. Marrying synth atmospherics with contentiously pure vibes of yester-decades, the evocative sounds of ‘Spill Your Drink On Me’ delivers with a pungent fragrance in personal challenges that we all can relate to. The 2nd single release of the year for The Odd Neighbourhood, the soothing sounds beckon with the vocals, reflecting off of the equally understated lyrics. Troy Pawloski, Travis Adams, and Hogan Smith team up in this single to spread the notion of being embraced by forces known and unknown; collectively macerating the kitch of living and out unconscious desires.


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