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Song Of The Day! Djunah Shares ‘Animal Kingdom’. “More Please.”

Included in the upcoming album ‘Ex Voto’, DJUNAH’s single ‘Animal Kingdom’ is your ticket to ride. Ride into the depths of your unforgivable soul.

From diabolically gradient visions of despair, to the walk into the white hot light at the end of the tunnel, the song bears fruit in all consuming hell-fire, as Donna Diane pulls off again, and again, the shimmering roar of the beast that exists underneath her shiny coat of goodness. With her completed with drummer Nick Smalkowski, and when the two come together, the balance of power, that bewitches, delivers with unpretentious, unyielding, and uncompromising certitude and gravity.

Noise rock, isn’t just noise-rock in DJUNAH’s Universe.

It’s a statement.

And when the waves of piercing rawness, bubble your scorn skin of sin, you smile.

And then smile some more.

You know you deserved it.

“More please.”

DJUNAH is an unassuming assault, flogging you to cohesive submission.



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