Dlina Volny ‘I’m Not Allowed’ : Follow the path that seems very natural.

Dlina Volny

Dlina Vony’s single ‘I’m Not Allowd’ is a “protest against fear, self-doubt and prohibition… It is a search of happiness, a call to action, a rhythm to follow.” A theme of heavy heart and a seemingly perpetual and never ending evaluation, the single signals a change of the mind from ‘Yield’ to ‘Go’. A green light to “never over examine” and to follow the path that seems very natural.

Said the band: “The video is our escape from the crushing reality into the beautiful nowhere. The city scenes are shot in the neighborhoods of our hometown Minsk. This is where we’re from. This is what inspires us.”

Originating from the capital city of Minsk in Belarus the trio are inspired by their love of early 1980’s Soviet Pop and Brutalist Architecture. The band employs the mechanized action of motoric rhythm machines, vintage synthesizers, and Post-punk bass lines to put their spin on classic New Wave.

Masha Zinevitch envelops with her understated realisms in her vocals as Dlina Volny, as a whole, palpitates towards something special. Something special that is in them, in us, and of the emotionally wanting.

Dlina Volny is completed by Alex Shishlo and Vad Mikutski.


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