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Documentary ‘KINGS OF BLAH’ shows the grind, and ecstasy of FROG.

After discovering that their little band FROG is a big hit in England, Danny and Tom decide to try their luck on the other side of the pond.

“I hope they make records that are better and better – which I’m sure they will…hope they comeback to bigger and bigger crowds…because…they deserve it.” – stated a Fan, in the film.

Part tour documentary, part road movie, KINGS OF BLAH is about the distances we sometimes have to travel to find our audience and how the only way to keep a dream alive is to chase it.

What Frog goes through in this film, is what many bands, artists, and entertainers, goes through – chasing the dream, assisted by core fans, then keep on keepin’ on with the grind.

Things worth doing, takes determination and grit. And Frog isn’t any different. Resolution is why fans connect with Frog.


And kudos.

Frog continues to make friends across the Pond (and elsewhere). They released ‘King Of Blah’ on 2015, and available for purchase.

The film is by Alex Coppola.
The band is Frog.
The band is rep’ed by Audio Antihero.


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