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Doe and Deer // MXMS // Caitlin Anne Webster // CHICKN // Juju Bell

Doe and Deer – Nothing

Formed by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Chase Godwin and vocalist Hayley Dees, the unique dual-vocal approach the band takes sets them apart. “The lyrics. Again, it goes back to the message. I’m not pulling any punches, I’m not sugarcoating anything or covering up unsightly blemishes. I hate songs where you can’t hear the words. I hate songs where you can hear the words but they’re completely fucking meaningless. Mixing Six Feet Blues I thought ‘Jesus, these vocals are so loud!’ But every time I turned them down it just didn’t work. I realized then that I’m happy to sound like The McGuire Sisters backed by the Velvet Underground.”

MXMS – What’s My Name (Official Music Video)

Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson make up this delicious combination of the sweet and the bitter within their project MXMS. The beauty is the depth in which the song is built, then carried out. The seriousness of the subject enhances the underpinned one piece frame of the duo that makes it so very tactile. Their use of contrasts also brings out the flavor of the story telling, as they utilize conventional pop music developing, then tastefully and deliciously add one sudden element (i.e. Ariel’s noise-screams) to get it to another plane of dimension. See the music video.

Caitlin Anne Webster – Powhatan River Blues

Of 50’s and 60’s classic bluegrass lyrical thrust, Caitlin Anne Webster, makes it hard not to love what she can do with her musical interludes to life. On ‘Powhatan River Blues’, Caitlin’s soulful vocals and compelling acoustic guitar take center stage. Inspired by a carefree day spent on the water with her sister, Webster brings a sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler time. Caitlin, based in Echo Park, California, delights in the contrasts of music that she can afford to bring to life. She’s the epitome of salinity and gratitude, soul searching at the minimal and death-defyingly courageous in her craft. The subtlety never is lost in the lyrical tones as Caitlin’s beautiful vocals, adept at telling stories with each breath of inspiration, never loses luster or shine. The outlying canister of explosions, blister away from earth like fire crackers, lightening up the skies full of hopes, dreams, and the like for all to absorb. Caitlin’s single, and of her other songs, are blaring signs that, you too, must indulge the fruits of life, just as Caitlin tries to do with her fabulous outputs. Let’s listen to Caitlin, shall we?

CHICKN – She’ll Be Apples

CHICKN unleash video for ‘She’ll Be Apples’ ahead of new album ‘Bel Esprit’ (October 18th). Athens-based five-piece CHICKN follows up to last year’s WOWSERS sees the Greek outfit exploring a variety of different styles. From art-rock to synth-pop and beyond, ‘Bel Esprit’ will generously provide you with all the touchy – feeliness you’ll ever need. Formed back in 2012, the band started gigging extensively without any discography, media coverage or particular reason, building a strong word of mouth among the city’s live audience. Consisting of Angelos Krallis, Pantelis Karasevdas, Chris Bkrs, Axios Zafeirakos, and Don Stavrinos, their music is made up of improvisation, and as well as their tendency to embrace the unexpected. They have developed a large body of artists that they work with and as a result their liquid line-up gets temporarily solidified by their current expressive needs. ‘She’ll Be Apples’ is a psychedelia tinged pop tune that surfaces with shoegraze attentions, while disguised by the waters of love and ambiguities that ooze from the depths. The music video depicts such acceptance with colorful human interactions, that is classic and blissful in tone. See them for their album drop show @ Praxitelous Bar, Athens on October 18th.

Juju Bell – Love Is for the Cool

Danish singer/songwriter, Juju Bell provides the perfect weekend soundtrack on her latest single ‘Love Is for the Cool’. The single is released on October 11 and is the title track of her EP ‘Love Is for the Cool’ released on the same day. We’d written prior about Juju Bell as: “A mystery of beauty and expectations swing wildly and controlled in ‘Bring Me Down’. JUJU’s vocals make it okay to desire the same from your own wants. The consumption of the business of your aims, will increase as you become focused and serious. The mellow vocals contradict the pace of urgency.” You could tell we’d been bit taken by her grace in her music. And in ‘Love is For The Cool’, the song faces the nature of loves sometime deceitful nature and the vengeful feeling of being deceived. The song leaves references to artists like Hannah Cohen, Jenny Wilson, Weyes Blood and Aldous Harding. Indeed.


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