Doe Paoro – Second Door

Doe Paoro’s Second Door is the latest single Anti- has released and it continues that journey Doe has been on for several iterations. It’s palpable, tangible, unlimitedly tragic in sonic attitude – the song makes our heart hurt.

The song touches us in odd ways, and it’s just a glorious sacrificial untenable relationship.

She’s very demanding, Doe is, of us listeners.

She squeezes our hearts, literally, with arteries not spared – us grappling for breath, wanting to make love to her.

But we can’t.

But we want to.

But we can’t.

Our heart hurts.

We crumble to the ground figuratively – in silent surrender.

The light across the blackened deck.
Trembling through the atmosphere.
Transmitting verses, silent in radiance.
Rambling forth, pagan balanced lore.
Make sense, it tells us to cry.
Let it absorb, let it die.
You deserve this.

Doe has been entertaining her audience for a long while, with many hearts (like ours) in the street, behind her wake.

They all liked it though, just like we do.

She’s rep’ed by Anti Records, out of Los Angeles.

Kudos Doe, kudos.

You make us hurt, so good – again, and again.


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