Doe Paoro Shares Energetic Anthem ‘Walk Through The Fire’. Walk With Her.

Doe Paoro fires up the energy and discards (for a bit) some of the sugar, to bring this fantastic and anthemic determination of a song. ‘Walk Through The Fire’ is certainly a ‘growl’ of an single, casting her lyrics as the forefront character, which deserves. The mix of gospel-esque soul, and her pop sensibilities cements the song as a head bobbing fun-tastic non-guilt ridden extravaganza.

We’d reviewed her single ‘Second Door’ and that one was a doozy of a song. We’d commented that, “The song touches us in odd ways, and it’s just a glorious sacrificial untenable relationship.” and that “She’s very demanding, Doe is, of us listeners. She squeezes our hearts, literally, with arteries not spared – us grappling for breath, wanting to make love to her.”

It’s been six months since we’d reviewed a song from Doe, but here we are again excited to be doing so with ‘Walk Through The Fire’.

The fire pit of love is a dangerous catch-22. It cuts and sears at the core fibers of what the possibilities can be. That’s the danger, isn’t it? It’s always the unexpected.

That excites us; it might kill us.

Doe is a talent and we all know it. And her determination to let her fans know what is bubbling underneath is always a joy to see, then hear.

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She’s rep’ed by Anti-.



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