Dogeyed ‘Kalimotxo’ : Simplicity of emotions, delicately patched, and aromatically packaged.


There’s a subtlety in how a song is presented. And when that subtlety is met by ears with tastes that appreciate such intricacies, you can have an experience that is unique as Dogeyed’s latest single ‘Kalimotxo’.

Formed around Harriet Elder, the spiritually heightened efforts of the project is fulfilled to new levels with bassist and recording engineer, Tim Rowing-Parker, and Jonathan Minto on drums.

The band has the feel of that one band that just clicked with you in the grunge age. The band flips your switch like the girl who knew you’d been into her, now recognizing that endeavor. The band also shimmers in the simplicity of emotions, delicately patched, and aromatically packaged.

‘Kalimotxo’ is a song that mounts to the top of the stack, with a purely satisfying bridge that molds the edges of the subject, in delight and audible excellence. There is no spillage and over-spray, as the song touches on all fronts as it whisks you off into a land of Harriet, Tim and Jonathan.

‘Throw The Bones’ was Dogeyed’s debut EP on Specialist Subject Records in Spring 2018.

Listen. Absorb. Include.


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