DOKO Shares ‘Break Open’. A Slip Slide Sexy Undertow To A Delightful Trip Down Under.

The sound of waves is what we non-Australians in the US, sometimes think of when we dream of living it up in the Land Down Under. With a trophy wife and a small little one, in tow, the dream continues with our stress levels keeping at a low 50 heart beats per minute. The most stress posed in a day is ‘where to call for a reservation for dinner’.

But that’s not reality, of course.

And that’s when a band like DOKO comes into play.

The band is what we like. Why? With INXS kinda flavor, and the cool breezy Australian flare keeping in lock-step with the rhythms, the five piece DOKO’s ‘Break Open’ is a sight, nay, wave worth listening to.

It’s the ice on you hot neck, by the girl of your dreams in the bungalow.

It’s that cooling breeze of the August (US) summer night, by the pool.

It’s the ice-cream cone melting on you hand, and that dream girl helping you to clean it with her tongue.

Yes, kinky. But what can you do, when a song does that to you?

Anywho, the gang in DOKO will have their launch party @ The Chippo Hotel in Chippendale, NSW on June 29th.

Be there if you can. Should be a good time.


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