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Dolo Jones // Westover // KITZL // Suzi Island // Freddie Future

Dolo Jones – Stuck (In A Groove)

“The track is about being stuck in a negative pattern of behaviour – working in a job you don’t like, to make money you don’t need, to buy things you don’t want, to impress people for no good reason.” DOLO JONES’ single ‘Stuck (In A Groove)’ is such fun. At the expense of someone else’s (Dodo’s) pain, but fun none the less. The chorus is infectious, earworm nuclear attack that kills, and we’re hooked. Dolo continued: “I tried to put a positive message in there with the shift in energy of the lyrics and visuals reflecting what it can feel like to decide to make some small changes and new habits that add up to bigger things, then rinse and repeat until you’re in a completely different place.” A for the visuals: “I made the visuals myself in a very makeshift way using a single cheap action camera and scraps of paper stuck to my bedroom wall as a green-screen for the effects…I like the parallels between this and the themes in the track and video in which things that aren’t ideal at first can morph into something good that’s greater than the sum of its parts.” You go Dolo. Can’t wait for the next exciting installment.

Westover – Nothing Between Us

Can getting closer to someone you care about, ever too late? ‘Nothing Between’ is the promissory note of a single that delights in the prospect of squeezing the daylight out of the gap between two lovers. And boy, do they love! The relationship just started to blossom. and when things get thick and fast with substance, the arousal of knowledge for the other grips your heart even tighter. And all we can say is “goodbye day-light” and say “hello to romance” like you’d never known. It starts from that premise doesn’t it? The communication that is amplified by the excuse to enlighten and make better the love that you already have. Is this a lesson in “nothing’s greener than what you have in your life”? Sort of. WESTOVER is the artist to ask, as the affable pop artist just knows how to write songs. Charming and romantic, the artist’s methods of words to notes bring out the best in the listener’s imagination.

KITZL – 40 Moons

Reminiscent of the kind of work that exuded through the pours of Tori Amos, KITZL counter balances the world and the planets upon stilts of cement and rails, so that we can witness the battle of her wits and humor defend the normality of life to the fullest. ’40 Moons’ is a delectable arrangement of sonic sights and sounds, depicted under the impinged heartaches and of the under-appreciated. A radical mastication of the fatty bits of life that renders you frustrated, but nurtures with continued enlightenment of energy. The here and the other, combine to bring textures of light and dark through the fingers, appendages, and voice of KITZL – delegating our every un-thought and virtual resistance. The waves of norm, crack under pressure, when ’40 Moons’ cross that injunction. Layers upon layer, play in bitterness and happiness, wandering through the green meadows – wondering, crying, healing. KITZL takes sounds of everyday items and blends them into her works. Look out for this most unique and delightful artist in her upcoming 2019 album.

Suzi Island – The Real Life

“‘The Real Life’ is us moving on again,” says frontman Hugh Reilly-Smith of SUZI ISLAND. “Lyrically it’s about having an urge to feel something. We wrote it when we were about to leave university, so for me the song was a marker for that point in my life where it’s about to get real. Paying bills, trying to earn money – an impending boring life. There’s a need to fight back, but you know that you need to fit into it.” The track was produced by former VACCINES drummer Pete Robertson. And with this single the gang wanted to into new and unexplored territories. Taking energies and enthusiasm from their former pasts, they compare to the silhouette of the future with this single. It’s the future and the present that is where they belong. Emphatic anthem for the youth in us all, we can take hark from the lessons of such a song, as we all must move on to live right, once more. Look for this infectious attitude from SUZI ISLAND to drop their debut album soon.

Freddie Future – Too Heavy

Toronto’s own FREDDIE FUTURE comes at us with ‘Too Heavy’. A shoegazy r&b drop that is the breakup single that just hits the spot. The charming fair of the song comes mostly from the spacey and other dimensional vocals of FF. And when his voice is laid upon the strewn story of such poignancy – all we can do is to deliver in dance and acceptance to the premise. As the warmth of ‘Too Heavy’ impedes into the realm of the possibility, through FF’s words, your own life’s drama is more clearly defined for you. Action becomes that exact possibility. Action becomes your freedom. Thanks FREDDIE FUTURE.


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