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Masasolo – Killer On The Run

Masasolo started as a recording project for Morten Søgaard in 2015. In 2015 he released the EP ‘Breakup’ and got heavy rotation on US national radio station KCRW. The band’s second album ‘Bridges’ is an album recorded partially in a rehearsal studio in a suburb of Copenhagen with a band and finished alone by Morten over 3 months in cabin. And from the work that was poured over and over again, Morten’s efforts comes true as the the album is over delivering and never understated. Songs are built perfectly for contrasts and juxtapositions. And in that sense, Masasolo utilizes the right ingredient in telling the story that is fitting for a big swath of the populous. Gentle and never meandering too far, the vocals linger with the vibrance of a woman’s perfume. A sonic build up of angst, deterred by the sanctity of a personal religious invocation, ‘Killer On The Run’ just kicks butt. Something about this project, indeed. The band is mad of Morten Søgaard, Jacob Haubjerg, Anders Haaning, and Peter Sabroe. See Masasolo next @ Kulturstationen Vanløse, December 6th.

Dolorifics – Vermin

Erik Löfving, Christoffer Anderson and brothers Olle and Kalle Mossberg have come again with the Gothenburg, Sweden based offerings that are both swirling and delicious. “‘Vermin’ is about feeling that you don’t contribute to anything in the world, that you are essentially valueless like a bug. It’s about a constant struggle in your head to cope with various problems, expressed through a mindless 4-chord-pop-song.” Since 2016, the band has grappled with the ultimate question of “beauty in indie rock”. And every time, toiling in the vastness of that question, they come up with songs of grace and gazy trepidations – exacting in the presence and gravitas – nourished by the essence of human-ly relations. Dolorifics signed to indie label Nasty Cut Records and are releasing their first full-length early 2020. It’s about time, eh? Let’s wait for it, indeed.

Bluebloods – Make It Rain

Title track from Bluebloods’ debut EP ‘Make It Rain’, is led by producer, guitarist, and songwriter Conrad Sweatman. Bluebloods’ line-up of guest singers reads like a who’s who of the Manitoba indie scene. A former Anglican boys choir, Bluebloods’ central creator Conrad Sweatman (guitarist, producer, songwriter) was born in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 land. And the artist’s central tenet in music philosophy wells up, bubbling, through angles and tints of being ‘grateful’. From the journey of the nomadic musical life, he’s permanently based out of Manitoba. Here his defense against the likely normality of life’s stresses, deflect profoundly, as he continues to develop and intertwine creatively with the local breadth of talent and talent seekers. In a bourgeoning scene, Bluebloods, antics and emotional thrust, thrives in the estimation of Conrad’s dream. It isn’t a dream, for it’s live and kicking, in the now.

Luca Bluefire – Lunatic

“Lunatic” is a new dreampop song entirely written and produced by Luca Bluefire after the collaborations and experiments he made with the project Himmel, multi-instrumentalist and producer born in Denmark and raised in Italy. ‘Lunatic’ features beautiful and Galactic vocals of Phoebe Tsen. And the production just works like the ticking of the Universe. Delicate, strong, vulnerable, moving – ‘Lunatic’ envisages a bickering grandeur of vibes and personal tensions, into a box of melding grace and voluptuousness. Like a fine wine, a beautiful woman, the kiss of a man you love, ‘Lunatic’ relates with just one note, upon another, then another, while you still keep your thoughts of beauty, encapsulated and protected from sights unseen.

Rubin Kates and the Revival – Vivian Road

Rubin Kates and the Revival consists of Rubin, guitarist, songwriter and lead vocalist, Todd Porter on bass and drums, Jenna Gallagher on backing vocals and violin, with special guest appearance by Jerome Godboo on harmonicas. Their debut album is ‘Vivian Road’. And in this ending single of the album, the simple clarity of Rubin and the gang, is palpable and delivers. Rubin’s an Aurora, Ontario based artist and with his assertive vocal attention, brings his unique taste for Americana to the fore. Mixing experiences and beauty of the mess that we sometimes live, Rubin’s lovely acoustic lyrical descriptions, captivate.


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