Dolorifics ‘I Live in Shadow’ : As you’re swept into the catacombs of lustful inhibitions and memories of long lost ambitions

First full-length ‘Welcome To Dolograd’ drops January 24th, 2020.

Dolorifics / Photo: Daniel Castro

Erik Löfving, Christoffer Anderson and brothers Olle and Kalle Mossberg are Dolorifics. And together, their music rings true, for their fans, and the gods of indie-rock. The latest of this is from the single ‘I Live In Shadow’, a classically constructed rock power ballad, with story telling and licks that are of beauty and of angst.

The collective instruments and the vocals of Erik Löfving, brings lush choral outcrops of thoughts and vibrations to the fore, as you’re swept into the catacombs of lustful inhibitions and memories of long lost ambitions. The stories within the chapters, turn with ambience and gainful adoration, when the guitars start and the vibe of inherent interrogations of selfless doubts, continue with anger and residual empathy.

‘I Live In Shadow’ is another fabulous addition to the Dolorifics’ universe of song making philosophy.

Since 2016, the band has grappled with the ultimate question of “beauty in indie rock”. And every time, toiling in the vastness of that question, they come up with songs of grace and gazy trepidations – exacting in the presence and gravitas – nourished by the essence of human-ly relations. Dolorifics signed to indie label Nasty Cut Records

See them take it to another notch as they’ll drop their first full-length ‘Welcome To Dolograd’, January 24th, 2020.

See them next @ DOLORIFICS RELEASEFEST on January 25th, 2020.



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