Dolorifics ‘Oh, Doctor’ : Good f*ck you to all the bad ones.


“Oh, Doctor is about the power doctors can have over your life,” said Dolorifics. “They can be either angels or devils depending on who you meet. They can either help you or topple you. Oh, Doctor is both a tribute to the good ones and a f*ck you to all the bad ones. Also, they can be very expensive…”


The collective instruments and the vocals of Erik Löfving, brings lush choral outcrops of thoughts and vibrations to the fore, as you’re swept into the catacombs of lustful inhibitions and memories of long lost ambitions. The stories within the chapters, turn with ambience and gainful adoration, when the guitars start and the vibe of inherent interrogations of selfless doubts, continue with anger and residual empathy.


Erik Löfving, Christoffer Anderson and brothers Olle and Kalle Mossberg are Dolorifics.

Recorded and mixed by Kristofer Göransson @ Studio Zen, mastered by Magnus Lindberg @ Redmount studios


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