Dom Glynn ‘Ain’t No Cowboys’ : Live for the now. Work to make it better.

Dom Glynn

“In one way a folk song, in one way a protest song; ‘Ain’t No Cowboys’ is about honesty… It is a reaction to a culture of style over substance, celebrated impermanence and the death of the rebel-hero. It is about not getting what you pay for and wishing for a time when you did… It is a lament, nostalgically hearkening back to a simpler time when things were built to last. Simple songwriting at its most effective..”

A ‘storytelling individualist’ in the tradition of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, Dom Glynn is a biblical songwriter singing the blues.

When things are this way, the past seems rosier, as the present nicks at your pant seams, scratching and nagging. The depravity of the now, is heavy in the minds of our day-to-day. “We’ll do better, if we had all of the wealth in the world,” you say. But there is danger of neglecting the things that exist now.

The things that matter. The things that you’d not loved harder. The things that will disappear, if you only seek the mountain over yonder.

It’s not too late.

See Dom next @ Jamboree, London on February 7th.


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