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Don Brownrigg // JR Slayer // Daniel Blake // Sail By Summer // Toby Corton & His Band By Chance

Don Brownrigg – Room For Me

When the curtains of the world that you see closes in, and darkens the view, will there be enough energy to dispel the myth? The demise of a central human emotion happens at intervals. Will you be there to help calm the waters? “The song comes from a very dark place that I find myself sometimes in. Lonesome solitude – not necessarily by choice. Fueled by depression, confusion, and feelings of being left at a dead end. I’d like people to feel a commonality in the darkness and solitude one can struggle with. Be it from a lost relationship or struggling to find their place in the world.” Be there with Don. We know you feel it too.

JR Slayer – There Is Nothing Else Around Me

The album of ‘You Found Me’, which drops in February 1, 2019, is significant for JR SLAYER (solo project of Cody Votolato): “Everything you hear is my life. Written and recorded in just under two months, it was apparent that the subject matter was all connected, so it had to be an album.” The first single from the new album, is the testament to the deepened love for another, but as a silhouette for what represents the now, and maybe the future. “JR Slayer in its current form, is a sacred home for me. It is a safe space to start new conversations with art and music and understand how I relate not only to it, but myself. Not one where I am trying to receive as much as I give to it, but one that allows me to fully realize myself while being able to step out of my comfort zone.” The lonesome heart, predicted where it would be, in this single. But it’s okay with its plight.

Daniel Blake – For The Rush

The beautiful fingerpicking of DANIEL BLAKE’s single ‘For The Rush’ brings you to the memories of patched excitements and the nostalgic passions that drove the artist and the world he belied. The bright streets of love, loss, and possibilities, dragged the sensibilities of the unknown; peppering images of a foregone conclusion, with the speckles of the goodness. Daniel’s communication of contrasts, of happiness in words and the melancholic embodiments in his instrument, tell the tale that is very much human. Just like a fleeting memory, the smiles of joy that springs up from it, is always dowsed with the realities of the present. It’s just the way it is. It is what we do in our hearts. And Daniel wants us to know that, that is okay. The debut EP ‘Circle Mountain’ is a painting of indelible yearnings. The album is a beautiful statement of sentiments that lies just underneath us all.

Sail By Summer – Facing Dullness

SAIL BY SUMMER is a project of Norwegian artist William Hut and Danish collaborator Jens Kristian, behind the keys. ‘Facing Dullness’ is an amalgamation of thoughts and the attitude of that existence, with driving synth and new-wave lyrical waves. The melancholic relevance of rock elements and streaming emotional promises, make the single a train of intentions that shouldn’t be stopped. The anthemic determination of the song’s attitude reside in the hearts of our souls, for we are, deep inside, very much alike. In the rain quenched part of Scandinavia, there exists a candid parting shot for the life that we live. That is the call of SAIL BY SUMMER. Let them in to your life.

Toby Corton & His Band By Chance – Nicotine

‘Nicotine’ is off of TOBY CORTON’s debut EP ‘A Lover Outta Practice’. The fabulous and musically flamboyant artist, of deep rooted talents, take us on another journey in this single. And as expected of Toby, his declaration on subjects are colorful, demure at times, but always full of content that is engaging and fruitful. In his words ‘Nicotine’ is about “Addiction, using the idea of smoking to navigate ideas relating to addictive love. It’s about the power that a love addiction can have on us – even when we know it’s not good for our health and often leaves a “bitter taste”, we can’t help but spark up again.” It’s true. We fall head over heels and become irrational to a degree when confronted by the intoxicating allure of being in love. And just like Toby, we think there’s no way out of that bind. At least we have Toby’s delicious way of combining jazz, soul, r&b, and rock to coax us on our way to our love filled destruction. Word.


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