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Don Vail // Brad Gerke // Nádia Schilling // Diverock // Blood Child

Don Vail – On The Wire

Mitch Bowden’s project DON VAIL is glorious. It sneaks up on you. It licks the back of your mouth, with floral after-tastes. And with ‘On The Wire’, the delicious single further solidifies the melodious aptitude of this indie-rock answer to the Universal simile. With his gang of musicians Victor Malang, Matthew Fleming and Kori Pop, the band has an unusually conventional vibe that immediately clicks to your animal instincts for sounds, as it un-conventionally devours your sense for what ‘normal’ music should be. The hooks, hook like Jaws, and you just don’t care if your legs are being chomped on as a snack. You’re ears are caressed by an invisible but palpable musical energy, where the novocain of melodies numb your cynicism of the world. Mitch wanted to have this new album be very special indeed. It just simply shows. The album ‘Stand Of Tide’ was finished in Ireland, and that’s that. Look for it soon.

Brad Gerke – Ready to Leave

Off of his latest released full album ‘Burden’, fabulous BRAD GERKE shows us how to square-dance into the heart of the one we’d want to be with. A passion for sounds and story telling of the heart is where Brad lives. The solo artist from Athens, Georgia, sings and constructs songs from his heart, with the aim of connecting with our listening hearts. Brad works in all sets of genres including alt-rock, alt-country/Americana, experimental, where he gets to submit to the ether, his own take of what’s profound or uneven in tact. The music is his pallet expression and gumption, and with honesty and true songs like ‘Ready To Leave’, the simplicity of directness blooms with grand propensity. We love Americana/country/bluegrass, and when we hear such songs like ‘Ready To Leave’, we get our cowboy boots on. Heck yea.

Nádia Schilling – Green Leaves

Portugal based artist Nadia Schilling, congratulates the serendipitous grandeur of life in ‘Green Leaves’. The respect that oozes out of the impact that this song demonstrates. An emblematic causation for life, explodes from the words of Nadia when she sings them. The love and embrace, amplifies and the tears for the longing, connects, as certifiably as the winds across that field of grass. Sentimental apparitions gaze on the solitude of ‘Green Leaves’. There is an irrevocable charm that never ceases nor diminishes. The smooth ballad in which is battles the contrasts of life, simplifies its wonton wants and desires which we humans are due – or at least think we are due. The harshness of life and unfair treatments lie just under the surface of the song, as murmurs of ‘what if’ timbre off the tongue as you gaze across into silence. “What can you do to get your heart back home?”

Diverock – Off the Ground

Alt-rock, two piece band from Philadelphia, DIVEROCK, is a contradiction of terms. Song that are consequentially decadent, salted within the gains of a musical pop Universe that rejects such. A memorable rock n’ roll investigation of versions and longings, tainted by the gargantuan layers of talent and opportunistic, ol’ school funk-rock. What is this??!! It’s glorious, that’s what. The dancey, but not-dancey beats are RUN DMC-esque, with a vast casting of Brit-rock that invigorates our minds and musical souls. Off of their EP ‘Yellow Room’, ‘Off The Ground’ is a delicious amalgamation of seriousness and pragmatism that just melts in your mouth and not wasted. What a pleasant surprise, eh? With a flavor of MOBY’s ‘Extreme Ways’, ‘Off The Ground’ expands on the niche of original sounds and experimental-pop EDM-like vibes, without being ‘electronica’. It’s just very, very cool.

Blood Child – Shivers Home

Consisting of Emil Bertelsen, Hjalte Ross, Mads Bertelsen, Lasse Krüger, and Marikka Katrina Højen, the Danish art-psyche quintet makes it obvious to onlookers that they are emphatically serious about making music that matters. “’Shivers Home’ is a song that we had previously given up on writing many times before…On many occasions we abandoned the project, and in our frustration we thought we may never actually be able to use the track. There was however something about the song, that kept us coming back – something we couldn’t just leave unfinished.” Creative from the beginning, the initial frustrations ultimately were defeated and in the triumph of finalizing ‘Shivers Home’ they learned much from what it takes to follow through when it matter a lot. Continuing: “Some of the lyrics were written by translating an old Danish song to some far away Asian languages using Google Translate, and then re-translating to English. This allowed for a unique and completely new lyrical base, which we then tried to explore the meaning behind.” Kinky, indeed. BLOOD CHILD the project is unique because of its understated angst and desires, unexpressed, but loudly professed. The physical lyrics mean much, but the ghostly summations of what the song represents, comes through with flying certainty. The quirky, oddity is attraction at its peak.


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