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Donny Love Announce Debut Album ‘Sensation’. Drops May 4. Shares Single ‘Dysfunctional Lovers’.

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Donny Love’s New Single ‘Dysfunctional Lovers’ is a fun-tastic arrangement in emotional pleading of relationships gone haywire, or types of correspondence that just is stagnant. Take your pick. But one thing’s for sure, the song is fabulously done, with live stage ecstatics, horns a-blazin’, sandals on our feet and in the palms of our minds.

Let’s take a vacation together. Debut Album is due out May 4.

The die was cast, to the emphatic resurgence of the hand print in her back – her back of her mind. The sensation wasn’t very creative, but the extracurricular feelings she had for the boy was extraordinarily peculiar. She knew that. She knew, of herself. But she was attracted. Drawn. To his weirdness. The weirdness and the oddity in the way he expressed himself was amplified (or contrasted) by his good looks. He was very handsome, she always thought to herself, then quickly shaking her head to say “Stop it. Be reasonable. You’re less shallow than that, Olivia”. -CHF

Donny Love brings shoegaze, bop, old world bedroom dramatics, then bringing them to the handbag of life’s residue; making them golden, fluffy, and aromatically acceptable, and just simply glorious to listen to.

You should listen, too.

The band consists of: Don Bill, Don Hog, Don Randy, Don Wonton, Don T-Bone.


Fri. 18.05 – The Northern, BYRON BAY
Fri. 25.05 – The Grace Darling, MELBOURNE
Sat. 26.05 – The Foundry, BRISBANE
Fri. 08.06 – Elsewhere, GOLD COAST

Donny Love – Sensation Tracklist:
1. No Sense
2. Never Comin’ Back
3. Death
4. Dysfunctional Lovers
5. The Esplanade
6. Come Undone
7. Blind Sided
8. Convenience
9. Live For The Bottle
10. Sensation


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