‘Don’t Be a Sucker’ 1947 PSA. Anti-Fascist video reminds us the signs.

Political rhetoric is a tool for navigating through the maze of conducting a civilization. Rhetorical arguments get the ball rolling in solidifying or changing rules, laws, and governmental policies.

However, in a designated democracy, there are many times of mis-communication, dis-information, lies, etc, that are readily absorbed into the public discourse. And what comes out of the other end, can be surprising and confusing.

That’s why there is the act of recording history, and trying to re-learn and reminding ourselves of what had happened in the past. When past history is forgotten, it is inevitable for us human beings (with out passions, thought processes, and urges) to repeat the same mistakes.

In the light of the recent overt demonstrations by the ultra-right/nationalist movements, this little PSA from the then, United States War Department (currently called United States Defense Department) fits the current US racial climate.

In a 21st century civilization, lets keep reminding ourselves of how fallible we can be and how redeeming we, Americans, can be.

Here is the FULL VERSION.


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