Don’t Worry ‘As If By Magic’ : Bring gifts of smiles and bags of emotions through their works.

Don't Worry

Essex (UK) indie punks, Don’t Worry, manages to bring gifts of smiles and bags of emotions through their works.

Explained songwriter Samuel Watson: “With social media we’re now constantly reminded of the recent past and recent versions of ourselves. When I wrote this song, I’d been thinking a lot about how jarring that can be and how relentless the passing of time can feel. On the one hand ‘As If By Magic’ deals with a dissatisfaction with a present moment that is overly compared to the “good times”. But it’s also a reminder not to swim too long in the warmth of nostalgia and to recognise the value in all experiences. There will always be an opportunity to change things up.”

Humor and the deft way they navigate anxiety and uncertainty in their lyrics while writing catchy bangers kill off any doubt that they are your ticket to ride.

Lighten up, with the warmth and solidarity of ‘As If By Magic’.


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