Doo Crowder ‘Fairfield Song’ : Warmth of a song. Honesty of affection felt for such an memory.

Doo Crowder

Doo Crowder brings his lyrical story telling is exactly what you need when you need a shoulder to hang your chin on.

A friendship song is dime-a-dozen. But with ‘Fairfield Song’, the oozing gray and missed opportunities of a relationship (short lived), sips from the golden chalice of learned lessons and ultimate appreciation for what was.

Love in a different way. Embracing, in all that is humble.

The dedication is to a person named Taylor Ross. And though that special meeting, Doo said: “Taylor Ross who invited me to be part of a music residency there & let me live in her house for a month. It’s since evolved & taken on new meaning. When I worked at a juvenile detention center as a music therapist in 2017-18 performances with/for the residents ended with this song to remind them that just being alive is sometimes a worthy accomplishment.”

Caramel goodness.

And when put into this kind of warmth of a song, you get to sense the honesty of affection Doo felt for such an memory.

We appreciate that, indeed.


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