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Doov – Slippin

DOOV is a rapper/producer from East Brunswick, and we’d been a fan since our first exposure to his music. The talent is evident, and with the pop affection and attitude, we’re pretty sure his road can be golden. We’ll find out. ‘Slippin’ is part of the 2 track EP ‘MELT’. Look for his debut album in January 2019.


CHEVALIEN is a solo project and in ‘Bleu, Blanc, Blood’ the confusion and angst, that is sometimes unguided, is described and described. The powerful actions of individuals in the cities of France has been mounting and this single points out in great timing. Taking advantage of the naturally progressed riot after the World Cup, CHEVALIEN wanted to depict the true essence of his song and message: uprising of protests that has peppered current French politics in 2018. The coupling of smiling faces with the doom and gloom of the song, presents some contrasts that works for the music. The song is fab, in its ‘demonic’ vocals and down bass mischievousness.

Zee & The Empties – Burnabarian

The artist is Zac McMillan. ZEE & THE EMPTIES is a collective of musicians formed in 2016 and fronted by Zac. ‘Burnabarian’ is a single about the city they come from and the journey they have and will take into the future. The single’s video was a collaboration between Zac, J.P. Santa Maria, and Nik Dagsvik. Their first full album is scheduled to drop January 11th, 2019.

DanO – Blue Flame

Nigeria-born, New Jersey-based rapper DanO brings the king-sized bass drops and rhymes we love listening to. The ‘big-slugger’ attitude, the ‘Jersey’ rep, draped around the super smooth word stylizin’ just gets us going. It’s ol’ school, and it’s new school. The balance is nuance, and it’s perfect that way. This title track was produced by TyCo Beats and should be in your rotation.

Spoken Nerd – Friday Rich (feat. Blueprint)

“One day on our way back from lunch, Ryan took a brick back with him. He’s worked on records in that building. Our city is changing and peoples lives are being affected by that change,” stated SPOKEN NERD. Rapper extraordinaire? Yes. Bearded rhyme assassin? Yes. Your next song for those days that just has you down? Heck yes. Listen, this single has an arm raising chant section at the end. Like in a live show. Just can’t go wrong with that. Get with it. Combining rock and rap isn’t a new story. But doing it SPOKEN NERD style, is.

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