Doov Shares ‘New Girl’. A song of impeccable stylin’ and gumption. A fabulousness we dig.

We’ve covered several songs of DOOV in our short history together with this talented rapper. We’d called his road to stardom to be assured. We’d also stated that “an introspective tale of daily angsts, pains, burning desires, and possible redemptions, the song demonstrates DOOV’s writing attitude and perspectives. Drenched in modern hiphop elements, the lyrics pop to subtle attention, and proceed to guide us on a short but sweet journey, in the life.”

And as the 20 year old from East Brunswick, NJ who’s about to break through and set some big milestones in his relatively young career, he makes that road to greatness a bit more glittery and irresistible. How?

In the music video for his single ‘New Girl’, his radiance pours out with glam humor which frames the relationship bound lyrics of his words. The music video tells much about something of his expectations for his productions. With withering and charming iridescence to self deprecation, he soundly assaults the wits of his personal experiences, to malleable and accessible story telling.

Sure is entertaining.

He’s been influenced by genres from Jersey club, Afro-beat to soul, which drives his musical and hiphop narrative, without un-due emulation to each classical categories.

Look for his debut album ‘Separation’ during February of 2019.


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