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Dope Francis – Stutter Step

“Come up from the depths of that blue ocean. See the life giving breath, and seek new paths. For you are one, and only.” Dope Francis’ Stutter Step is a consequential redeeming of the soul, with jazz-influenced notes and mixing it with rock-ness that is hard to forget.

It’s quite a relaxing song.

With the trumpeting of awesome vocals from Dylan Joyce, the notes are glued to the ceiling – floating and dictating – what could and what should.

But the song can’t be complete without the full cast: Jeremy Padow jazzy guitar notes frame it up, while, John Haylor (Bass) and Andrew Carlson (Drums) gently takes us on a magic carpet ride, stroking that gentle wind – propelling us forward.

It’s a good combination, we’d like to point out.

Also, in a weird way, the song just reminded us of Incubus’ Drive.

The whole of the song just isn’t technically comparable, for it has nothing in common. However, the tone of the song, and with Joyce’s vocals just triggered that thought for us.

We know. It’s odd.

But we do this all the time =D

One thing’s for sure, it’s a statement of admiration from us at CHF for this particular song.

It’s a delight.

The band is from Washington D.C and we’d hope to get to know them more, in the new year.

Their latest EP dropped, December 17, 2017.




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