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Dorian Frankel Shares ‘Will You Be Okay’. Love And Care From A Friend.

DORIAN FRANKEL is a gem. In her single ‘Will You Be Okay’ she tells of a tale of a relationship that is signified by the depth of her feelings and love for the one who she cares deeply about.

From the long days of relationships, we find consistency and comfort. There are ups and downs, but there are always the love of what has been for the years prior. And it’s that sense of worry, for the one you love, for the one you know.

Of course, even the toughest of men and women, we are vulnerable in our darkest hours. The stresses might not be expressed the right way or in the right manner, but when people who know us best has that inkling, it’s something that can’t be ignored.

Crumbling of a loved one’s emotion status, is devastating to watch. We’ve seen this before here at CHF as well, and it’s hard to see. Hardened men and women, struggling to cope – even when prior, they were the strongest and happiest of anyone.

So, we help them.

So, we assist them.

We tell them that ‘it’ll get better’.

Dorian’s voice is just delightful. Simply that. The Teaneck, New Jersey native (now working in Los Angeles) is doing it right with the kind of music construction we would have love to explore, first hand. Wish we’d known her and her music a bit earlier when she’d been in New Jersey. Dang it.

Oh well. At least we can appreciate her outputs, from afar.

Kudos, Dorian. Kudos.



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