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Dot Mp3 // Patricio Johnson // Craig Irving // Jon Campbell // Ben Fox Smith

Dot Mp3 – Twolips

“This is our second single leading up to our debut EP ‘Good for You’, which will release September 27th, 2019. It is guitar heavy love song which includes singing and rapping. ‘Twolips’ is a song which transitions the listener through the emotions that one can feel when reflecting back on memories of better days and past relationships. “Twolips” ties in as a love song on the album, which will consist of a mix of heavy hitting hip hop and introspective soft pop. Dot Mp3 is a hip hop collective from Vancouver BC, Canada. The group comes from a diverse background of musical influences which forms an alternative sound in the structure of the hip hop genre. Potpourri of sounds and love and everything in between.

Patricio Johnson – Cold Midnight Hour

“I’ve had my share of drunk nights where I’ve felt guilty and sad about myself,” emphasized Patricio Johnson. “I was picturing the character in this song getting over a heartbreak, but then going out and getting loaded and losing it all again. That sort of vicious cycle strangely makes for a nice chorus sometimes.” Patricio’s single ‘Cold Midnight Hour’ is so very much a song to settle deep and lovingly within your heart. There’s no way not to get warmed by the honesty and vibrance of the energy Patricio raises. “We were going for the feel of those early Rod Stewart solo albums, or the British folk type things like Lindisfarne (they had an album titled ‘Nicely Out Of Tune’ that is an inspiration to me sometimes).There’s an old upright piano in the mix that hasn’t been tuned in ages, that we sort of used a s a sketch pad, but we decided to leave the part in the mix. One day the mixing engineer called me from Albuquerque and said “It sounds like there’s a little kid inside the piano!” I’m not sure what he meant by that, but we both agreed that the messy piano had to stay in to keep the soul of the track intact.” Piano, harmonies, tamborine, inviting lyrics – the ol’ style feel is undeniable.

Craig Irving – Begin Again

Begin Again is a song about grief from Scottish singer/songwriter Craig Irving. A wide soundscape is created with guitars, keys and marching band esq drums. Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Craig Irving spent his formative year’s lending guitar and vocals to some of Scotland’s top folk acts, culminating in the winning of a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award with the trio Talisk and multiple worldwide tours with six piece Gaelic band Mànran. The stillness of Craig’s heart in ‘Begin Again’ is that moment when you’d just realized how much you’d missed her. Missed him. The softness of how she spoke. The safety of his caresses upon the shores of the cliff beyond. There’s nothing that cannot be done, when we can be together again, and on, and on. Let’s begin again.

Jon Campbell – Rebels Without a Cause

“Rebels Without a Cause” featuring Berlin’s Pet Shop Bears Choir is the second single off my debut LP ‘SIRENS’, which was released September 20th. The track was originally released May 31st to commemorate Pride season and 50 years of Stonewall.” Jon Campbell is an american singer-songwriter and visual artist based in Berlin. His music brings together threads of indie-folk, singer-songerwriter and alt-country with a powerfully honest expression of his homosexuality. “’SIRENS’ is a personal Odyssey. Two years ago I hoisted my bed onto 2-meter “stilts“, built a recording booth underneath it, and was stowed away in that hull every single night. Black Widow was filmed there; it represents the darkest moment in that journey. It’s my Land of the Lotus Eaters and the Sirens wailing from the shore. It’s Francis’ self-destructive little sister. It’s realizing that after all those years of fearing the monster under the bed, that it was you all along.” SIRENS is the debut LP from American singer-songwriter and indie-folk artist Jon Campbell. It is his first release since his EP About a Boy debuted in 2016.

Ben Fox Smith – Blindman Comes, Everyone Away

From the new album ‘Taciturn Lanzerac’ comes ‘Blindman Comes, Everyone Away’ and its music video. Ben, at just 17 Ben signed to Big Cat Records (Pavement, Grandaddy) as the singer-songwriter for Stony Sleep (Peel sessions) and produced two seminal albums which took them around the globe. After Big Cat was sold to V2 Ben formed Serafin and signed to Taste Media (Muse) and made an acclaimed album with Dave Sardy (Soulwax, Dandy Warhols). We’d stated prior: “A soul for whom life experience has been as thick as chocolate pudding, and a musical heart that beats as strong as it’s ever have. With a wit for irony and eyes for the ‘absurdities’ of life, he continues to do his own thang, when and how he pleases. See Ben next for Bright Nights • E2 @ Old George in London UK, December 5th.


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